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Thinking about Botox?

Thinking about Botox but worried about looking like a “Housewife of Orange County”?

I spend much of my time each day debunking the myths and providing the facts about what Botox is and what is does NOT do. We all have that someone in our mind that has been overdone by Botox giving a very unnatural look and worse yet, the “frozen” look. Botox is a medication that has been around since the early 80’s and helps muscles to relax. It is used therapeutically, has multiple FDA approvals including eye spasms, migraine headaches, limb spasticity, hyperhidrosis, as well as cosmetic approvals to soften the frown lines or ‘11’s” and crow’s feet. The key to obtaining a natural, refreshed look without appearing “over done” is to have a skilled health care professional with sufficient knowledge and experience administer the treatment. 

The majority including myself desires a conservative approach. A soft, natural refreshed appearance that makes us look like we’ve had an extra 8 hours of sleep or we’ve just returned from a relaxing vacation. I have been injecting Botox and fillers for nearly 13 years and have trained numerous health care providers in the fields of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. Botox is not an exact science like any form of medication. It does however require a skilled balance of art and the science of medicine as well as an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy. No two people are the same nor can you expect any two people to have the same outcomes, which is why we call it the “art of medicine”. With a treatment tailored specifically for you and a recheck in two weeks to ensure we’ve achieved the desired result most people wonder why they waited so long to do it. They are pleasantly surprised how quick and relatively painless the procedure is.