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Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully

The quest for youthful skin is universal. Your skin is the first thing people see, which creates a strong first impression. Flawless skin signifies health, youth, and good genes hence the ability to reproduce healthy offspring. Although, we cannot stop the hands of time nor can we change our genetic make up; there are several things we can do to achieve and support healthy skin. We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat”.  I believe that healthy skin starts from within. We diligently educate our clients on the roll of topical antioxidant’s, peptides, and essential nutrients, which is similar to what nutritionists recommend for a healthy diet. The more routine we are in maintaining the triad of healthy diet, exercise, and great skin care the better results we are expected to attain.

I am often asked, “How can I age gracefully?” My approach is personalized and is customized to each individual. The universal strategy for anyone who desires brighter more youthful skin is a skin care regimen that they will adhere to. With the use of a combination of regular in-office treatments, daily sun protection, topical antioxidants, Retin-A, and peptides you can effectively help preserve, promote, and protect healthy and youthful skin.

-Jessie Norton, PA-C