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Winter skin care tips

Winter is upon us and it’s the perfect time to alter our skincare routine. We would like to offer you a few helpful tips.

1) An exfoliating cleanser once or twice a week will help slough off any dry skin. A great way to refresh the skin is the use of Vivier Vitamin C Scrub which contains gentle microbeads and hyaluronic acid.  Hydrafacial MD is an excellent treatment that will exfoliate and hydrate your skin all at the same time. 

2) The need to ramp up hydration is especially important here in Minnesota. Aging skin typically requires heavier moisture to protect your skin from the harsh, cold conditions.  Reparative Moisture Emulsion by iS Clinical contains copper tripeptides which aids in collagen production; extremozymes which is proven to protect and repair DNA; hyaluronic acid to add in hydration and lastly it contains powerful antioxidants to ward off free radical damage. A superstar and one our best selling skincare products!

3) Now is a great time to do a series of more aggressive peels. They can remove some of the surface pigment that everyone seems to pick during the summer. They also deliver smoother and fresher looking skin. All of our peels are customizable and tailored to your skin type and corrective needs.

4) Finally, please wear your sun protection on a daily basis and avoid the sun-tanning booth! You may not be at the beach but the sun does its job 365 days per year even on snowy, rainy or cloudy days.