Chemical Peels
Safe and effective...No downtime...Customized results!
At ReNew You, your chemical peel is chosen specifically for your skin and desired results. Our esthetician will assess your skin and apply the best type of peel for optimal exfoliation results. Chemical peels promote the growth of new skin and collagen to create an improved texture and radiance. Results are noticeable in just a few days. A chemical peel is a non-invasive, exfoliating treatment that relies on fruit acids and antioxidants to remove the dull, lifeless surface skin cells. It increases the production of collagen and improves the appearance of your skin. The results create smoother, tighter, and more hydrated skin. Our peels are intended to leave your skin with little to no downtime. However, we can customize a peel if you desire more downtime and peeling.
Best Treatment For:
  • Acne
  • Brown Spots
  • Decreased skin radiance
  • Enlarged pores
  • Milia (white bumps)

Most Common Areas Treated:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  • Hands

How It Works: 
Chemical peels are tailored specifically for your skin type. A mildly irritating chemical is applied to the skin. The chemical peel removes the dead skin cells that sit on the skin, and promotes greater cell turnover in the long run. For about one week after each treatment, the skin is essentially renewing itself. During this time, you may experience peeling or mild irritation. 
Peels are one of the safest, most effective cosmetic treatments available. Micropeels use a very exact concentration of chemicals, applied for a strictly controlled period of time. For that reason, the risk of side effects from this treatment is quite low.

The procedure is simple, inexpensive, and requires minimal downtime. In exchange, this procedure requires maintenance in order to achieve optimal results. Micropeels can be done as often as every 2-3 weeks and are commonly done is a series of 4-6. Once you complete your initial series you will only need to have a micropeel every 2-3 months in order to maintain your results. Deeper customized peels are commonly performed at 4-6 week intervals in a series of 3-4 and are nicely maintained with 2 or 3 per year thereafter. These peels tend to be associated with slightly more downtime. For 3-5 days post peel your skin will be pink-red and you will experience light to medium peeling. Individual results will vary.

Who Is a Candidate? If your main concern is fine lines, uneven skin tone, or mild scarring, you may be a candidate for a chemical peel. Peels are appropriate for nearly all skin types. However, you do need to be realistic about what a peels can do for you in order to be satisfied with the results. This procedure can have a dramatic effect on your appearance, but it cannot address issues like dynamic wrinkles or sagging. As with all cosmetic procedures, it is our goal to help set realistic expectations which is key to understanding the abilities and limitations of the procedure.
Peels range from $80-$150
Peel packages available 

Dermaplaning - Also known as "Dermablading"
A simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and reducing fine facial hair for $65 or an add-on to any skin care service for $20. This procedure works great in conjunction with chemical peels.


Baby Foot - Exfoliant Foot Peel
17 natural extracts will not only peel off the dead skin cells, it will provide you incredible moisturizing power and will help maintain your skin's texture. The main ingredient is fruit acid. Baby Foot is simple to use, effective, effortless, and after 5-7 days, the dead skin cells will start to peel off and the skin on your feet will be as fresh as a baby's foot!