Are you looking tired, angry, or unapproachable?
Then these services are for you! It is hard to compete in the business world when you are not feeling confident in your own skin. The new growing trend in the industry is the rise in male clients receiving cosmetic injectables for a fresh, younger looking appearance.
BOTOX is not just for women! Cosmetic injectable treatments for men has increased by 106%.
Diminish your frown lines between the brows and hide the crows feet to put your best foot forward this year! BOTOX temporarily relaxes your muscles to show a soft, smooth appearance.

Dermal fillers are meant to restore lost volume we loose with age. While we age our natural structures are lost that once kept our skin supple and youthful. Collagen and elastic also diminish causing our skin to wrinkle and crease.
Radiesse is a filler used to plump the skin and restore lost volume. Radiesse will continue to work by stimulating your own body's natural collagen.

Facials are a great treatment option to do more frequently keeping your skin hydrated and refreshed. The Gentleman's Facial or HydraFacial MD are great treatment options when your skin is looking dull and dry.

Microdermabrasion treatments work will for men who frequently get ingrown hair on the face. Microderms work to remove all the dry skin cells left on your face blocking the growth of new hair. These help to freshen your look and work well in conjunction with the Gentleman's Facial.